Here we go…..

So here I am, about to begin my very own blog. I have often thought about writing one of these over the years but due to my lack of social filter, paired with the inability I have to conform, I decided it was best to keep my opinions to myself.

So, what changed? Well absolutely nothing really! Or maybe just the fact I have hit the ripe old age of 37 and have since found I have no desire at all to please the moaning crowd!
I’m unsure as to where to start, I would imagine it’s best to begin with my aim for doing this. Over the past few years I have come to realise that I have an ability to somehow help people overcome their fears….. or something to that effect. I have fumbled my way to discovery on that! Accidentally, you may say.
Either way I see it as a gift to make a difference, a way in which I can help others realise their potential by sharing with them my own demons and tragic attempts at trying to live what we commonly refer to as “ a normal life “.
Having had many different experiences along the path of adulthood, I find myself sitting and thinking a lot about life’s lessons. Some have been hard and some have been incredibly fun but all have been crucial in the development of my character today…. a somewhat outspoken, fearless, care free, hard working single mum with a huge desire to succeed in life, nothing like the rebellious teenager or tragic 25 year old some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting before.
I’m at an age where I don’t shy away from having an opinion nor do I apologise for my ambitions. Society is very vocal about what we “should” be and quite frankly, as the saying goes, I don’t want to be like everyone else…. there are already too many of them!
I’m not sure whether to give the advice to buckle up or sit back and relax whilst you enjoy the ramblings of this slightly strange woman, to be honest it could go either way and I will have less of an idea as to what is likely to come out of my mouth than you will!
But for the foreseeable the aim is to give you all some inspiration, some laughter and some of those “we all think it but no one says it” entertaining reads.
Time will tell how that pans out!
Shingles X

2 thoughts on “Here we go…..

  1. dawn baker says:

    I’m not sure if we have met personally or not, but we have quite a few friends and acquaintances in common, which is how I have been able to watch you take your life forward and realise some of your dreams, (your lovely house being one of them.) Your ‘antics’ if that’s the right word, have me in stitches, and I love your up-front attitude… I will be following your blog because..
    1 – I’m a nosey cow 😜
    2 – You always put a smile on my face

    Looking forward to your future blogs!! 😎
    Dawn x


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