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What did you do today?

Tonight I sat with my laptop pottering about with some work. I wasn’t really paying attention to the television on in the background until all of a sudden I heard the words “I raised £250,000” come from the mouth of what sounded like a little girl. I looked up to see the Pride of Britain awards and decided to watch for a while.

I am generally a very positive person, I try to see the positive side to most negative situations and if I cant see one I will crack a joke and make laughter instead. But even I have days where I allow myself to moan about the most ridiculous things. Today it was a BMW parked at the bottom of my drive. I had a full on meltdown. Behaved like a fish wife on whiskey all because someone had blocked me in!

This evening, I am listening to story after story about real tragedy. Parents that have watched their children die and rather than allow that grief and pain to torment them they choose to get off their arse and make a difference.

Hearing stories like this just gives you that little reality check that we all need sometimes. How many times have you sat and complained because the neighbour is playing loud music until 2am? Yes, its a pain in the arse. Yes, it may have disturbed your sleep.

But how many times have you thought to yourself “do you know what, they sound like they are having fun, and life is too short. I can remember being young too!!” ……

I bet you have never thought that, instead you have probably fired up a rant and gone beating on the door to tell those disrespectful little sods what you think of them.

Much the same as I did today.

Look around you tonight. Are your children hungry, cold or homeless? Are your family healthy? Can you pay your bills? Do you have friends? Will you be going to work tomorrow? Did you wake up today?


You see, all too often we concentrate on trivial things that annoy us, we rarely concentrate on being grateful for all the little things we have. Right now I have best friends nursing their parents through terminal illness, and today I got worked up and angry over a parked car?

What sort of ungrateful idiot does that make me?

If we all did just one kind thing every day imagine how much better the world would be. Just one kind thing for a neighbour, a friend or the little old lady we see at the bus stop. Imagine what a nicer community we would live in.

Kindness breeds kindness, anger fuels anger. Why not have a look at where your local community could use some help, volunteer for an hour a week and pop into your local care home for a cuppa with the residents. Carry someones shopping to the car if you see them struggling. Offer to walk the neighbours dog! I try hard to help as many charities as I can but like everything in life, team work makes the dream work, you cant do it alone.

So why not make a promise to yourself to do just one thing tomorrow for someone else, give back and expect nothing in return. Post about it on your social media, let your friends know and lets inspire others to do the same.

Watching this tonight has made me want to push much harder to make a difference in the world, I can make a difference and you can make a difference but together anything is possible.

The message tonight…. Stop moaning, be grateful and spread the love… Life is not that bad.

Shingles X


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