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Everyone has a breaking point. Mine was back in February of 2014. I was a single mum to 3 working full-time in a private care home for the elderly. I loved it, so much so that I would go to work early and leave late. I took pride in the job I did. I went the extra mile and treated every resident as if they were my own grandparents. 

I did it all for £6.50 an hour. By the time I had paid my basic bills at the end of the month there was nothing left.

Life had often been tough for me, sometimes through my own bad choices, but I felt it was finally going in the right direction. I had a job I loved and I could see how I could further my career in that industry. Life was good. That was until I slipped a disc in my back and had to make the decision to resign from the first job I’d ever had that made me feel I was getting somewhere.

I was devastated.

Here I was, a 36-year-old mother of 3 and unemployed…. again. I was sick of always struggling, always taking 2 steps forward and 4 steps back. Enough was enough. If my life was ever going to be different it was up to me to change it.

That day was my breaking point. The day I said NO MORE!

Off I went determined to find something I could do, I knew I had it in me to be successful in something but I had no idea what!
I had to work for myself now as my health was declining. I had been suffering with M.E and Fibromyalgia for years, I was in pain and exhausted. I was sure I would find something, I was sure this was all happening for a reason so I trusted the process. I spent 3 months trying different business ideas. Nothing was taking off. Nothing felt right.

That’s when network marketing found me.
The problem was, I hated anything to do with direct selling, I hated sales full stop! I didn’t want to be posting brochures through doors or running around doing pamper parties.

I needed a real income not £30 a month if I was lucky. I was too sceptical, too honest and too intolerant to be even looking at that.

I suppose I had a gut feeling, I can’t really explain it. As I was watching a presentation I was thinking “oh come on Tasha, you know this is just another scam.”
My head was saying don’t be an idiot these things never work but my gut feeling was saying “DO IT!”

With £17 in the bank, a loan from my daughters driving lessons fund and an absolute desire to work, as hard as I had to until it happened, I got to work. I only wanted £400 a month.
Because I believed that was all I was worth.
People like me didn’t earn big money so I was just going to earn a little bit until I could find a decent job.

11 months later and that business built an income six times my previous full-time wage. Over the next 2 years it took me on luxury 5* holidays and gave me experiences I could only dream of.
I developed incredible friendships with like-minded people who loved my honesty and I became a proud, successful and happy mum of 3 again.

I have spent 3 years in this industry now and I won’t say its been easy. At times I have questioned if I can keep going, found myself feeling like a 9-5 is easier. It can be hard work and there were days I just wanted to stop and walk away. Those were the days I reminded myself what it has given me and the people I help. I look around at my life and I am grateful every single day.

It’s not all about nice cars, the big house and huge incomes. Yes that’s nice but it doesn’t appeal to everyone. I’ve learnt that actually it’s the things I didn’t pay for that have given me the most.

I have grown in confidence, I have the time to pursue other passions, I have been able to help some incredible charities, I work from my garden office, I walk my dogs when I want, I don’t miss any school plays or sports days, I have given my children some fantastic memories but the best thing of all …… I have helped many other people have all that too.

Never get stuck in the rut and think there is no way out. I was nothing special. Just someone who’d had enough of the 9-5, had enough of the struggle.

If this sounds like you and you are ready to change it then get in touch.

You never know, that decision could change your life.

Tasha xx


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